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  If you find the real love, you should well to value, do not let her or him left from the side of you, because the real love is hard to find. Once by a chance, I and dofus have formed a difficult to forget the fate. What I can no think of is that few years after the game of my wife became my reality love. In the game, we often upgrade, earn dofus kamas together with each other. Later, we understand each other. We fell in love with each other, so we married in the game. Because married, we spent a lot of money to buy dofus kamas, but we also very happy.

  Love is easily, afraid that love is only a memory. Miss a person is also very easy, afraid this is insurmountable meet you. In memory of years, Patience is the tortured situation of Shame. Sincere feeling may not fear the test of time, and time able to wear out that the initial enthusiasm. Blessing is sincere and love is eternal, concerned about is the heart, and all touched by all this, only in the silence of loneliness and tears can bear. In the game, we often tool our kamas that we earned by our self to send each other.

  Miss each other will become a real greeting and sweet, and the eternal memory and story. These years passed, we meet, who can believe that recognized on online games during these years we can come together. I have been online games in the memory of her, I do not know how, and I do not know I love her that it is good or bad. I always think, I need to send her a lot of cheap kamas, and let her buy many types of equipment. In this way, she was terrible. But now, we come the reality, whenever in the game or life, I can take a good care of her.

  We come to reality; and we also often together go to upgrade and fight experience to make dofus gold in the game. Online games are the most real human nature, let me moved delighted. In online game, you and I are sometimes happy, sometimes with painful. Many people left, many people have returned. Heart has been hollowed out. The heart has been filled full. Among these there are numerous choices or countless possibilities, perhaps it seems that we have many, it seems that everything did not have, that is net work, which also seems like my life to return to the previous. I believe I and she is real love. I felt luck I can met her in my life. I love her and I also love the dofus game.



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